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Welcome to Love Button Clothing!

I am a Momma to my sweet little girl, Elliana and wife of 7 years to my husband, Jonathan. My family is by far the most important thing in my life, behind Jesus (with wine, tacos and online shopping ranking close behind).  We live in a small, quaint town in Northwest Ohio. I currently work part-time as a pediatric Physical Therapist working with infants and children in Early Intervention and pre-school through school aged children with developmental disabilities. I absolutely love working with and helping children and their families meet their developmental milestones. 

While I love my job, I have always had a passion for fashion and I love to shop. I grew up with 3 sisters and we definitely had our fair share of all day shopping trips with my mom. Over the years I have grown to love shopping online and really feel like you can find so many unique and fun pieces from boutiques just like Love Button Clothing that you just can't find in a small town. You also do not have to get out of your p.j.'s to buy what you need, which is definitely a major bonus. While my husband supports me in most of my endeavors, he just can't understand or appreciate the hours spent looking for the perfect outfit. (And he definitely doesn't find joy in stopping by the mall just to look!) This is another bonus with online shopping...he doesn't have to know how much time I spent finding the most amazing pieces for our little girl.

While I have always loved to shop, it wasn't until I became a pediatric physical therapist and then Momma to my own daughter that I realized the importance of comfort and overall ease of functionality when it came to dressing a kiddo. Babies are seriously so, so incredible and learn to do so many amazing skills very quickly in their first year of life. You don't want bulky, uncomfortable clothing getting in the way of them moving and exploring. My boutique offers adorable and unique clothes for your child that they can roll, crawl, climb, walk and run in. I want you to be able to play, cuddle and just enjoy the time you get to spend with your sweet baby. If they get messy throw the clothes in the washing machine (what is dry cleaning and hand washing?) . Need to check their diaper? Do a quick check without having to undress them. Want extra cuddle time? Put your little love in one of our products made with bamboo...I dare you to not want to keep touching that fabric. It seriously is amazing.

Motherhood is such an amazing blessing and gift, but man does it go by way too fast. Your littles won't stay little for long, so I really hope your purchases made here at Love Button Clothing will help you embrace the wild, crazy and messy moments and allow you to make memories with them that are so special, you'll remember them forever.

Thank you so much for supporting this small business and dream job of mine.

Please do not be afraid to reach out to me with any questions about styling or gift ideas, I would love to help you find the perfect items! Just email me at

Happy Shopping!


Elliana's 1st Christmas (2017) 

Wearing Kickee Pants Holiday Collection



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